What You Really Need To Know About UX Design


With so many smartphones hitting the market, hat gives one smartphone a cutting edge over the other? We might think that it is the brand name, the way the phone looks or the price. But what a layman fails to understand that it is all about the user experience. The way the phone responds is very important. As we all have seen, most of the mobile phones used these days are touch enables so the more important becomes the way the touch responds. The phone truly becomes a hit if it earns a great user experience. However, there is confusion between user interface and user experience.

The user interface can be defined as the way in which a user interacts with the product while user experience is how the user feels while they are using the gadget. So one can say that though these two are very different things, yet they must both be in sync so that the user feels great about the product. Sometimes, the user experience weighs over the user interface because if the user experience is not up to the mark, then the time invested in designing the user interface is a total waste. Responsive web design helps increase user interactivity.

User experience helps build something suitable

At the end, it's all about the customer response and feedback, therefore, one must make sure that they design the user interface in a way that the users find the gadget user friendly and easy to maintain. If the user interface or the UX is designed in a complicated manner, then the user might find himself caught in a helpless or a difficult situation, clearly, users would not like to pay for those products that could make their life difficult. So, the customer needs should be kept in mind all the time.

Important to consider a few points for effective user experience

User interface and user experience designing might come across as the same thing, but there are certain things that make them very different from one another. At times, the beginners who might have just started with their design career might find it difficult to understand the difference but the following points might prove to be helpful in understanding the difference and also implement them well.

1. Research is mandatory- while one may think that the user will adapt to the changes made in gadgets, but the underlying truth is that research about the user trends and choices are very important. One must carry out the research to be sure and they must be able to design something that would be according to the customer's taste and preference. If the creation is not as per the majority of the consumers, then all the effort might do to waste as people do not want to change or adapt different choices. Responsive web design must be done.

2. The simpler the better- in today's time, we all feel that the more complicated something looks, that might in turn be in touch with technology. It is not true in the case of user experience, a good user experience is the one that is simple and is also pleasing to the eye. If too many things are made to visible on the screen at one time, then it only rather confuses the user. So, the mantra is to keep it simple so that it soothes the eye.

3. UX usability test proves to be helpful- one might be confident about the design they have created, but that should not just be it all, it is important to carry out the usability test to be sure. Also, if there are some projected errors, one can easily fix it before launch. On the flip side, it is very difficult to change anything after the customers have formed a notion about it. So one should always take such precautionary measures.

4. Take professional help- hire a UX designer who would be able to get your job done efficiently. These designers have adequate knowledge and can prove to be of great help. These designers are great at their work and there is nobody else who could possible do the same job quicker than them.

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